Services - Spiritual Counseling and Healings

Teresa Hall is a formally trained Spiritual Counselor, natural born Medium and Teacher. As an intuitive, Teresa uses her Third Eye (or 6th Energy Field/ Chakra) and her extra sensory hearing to see and hear Energy and Pictures around you that provide you clues to where you’ve been and where you are now. Clients may ask and receive answers to pertinent questions in their lives or simply sit back and allow Teresa to see and move Energy that is blocked or creating disharmony in the body.

Spiritual Healings
During a session, clients often ask specific questions such as “Have I met my Soul Mate?”, “Why do I stay in relationships- longer then I should?”, “Should I take the job?” or “Why do I keep making the same mistakes?” “Why do I feel sick in large crowds?” These questions and more can be revealed in a special healing session with Teresa. Her ability to channel and move energy will reveal information that will help you navigate your life and accelerate your spiritual growth!

Teresa also has the gift of working with and channeling Energy as color- her gift to channel healing Energy into and through the hands into the client are amazing! Clients report feeling tingling sensations in the Chakra centers and heat sensations as Energy passes through the Energy field. Teresa channels various colors into the body for their healing properties and may also suggest affirmations to change old thought processes.

A healing session generally includes a guided meditation that will help to release old programming making room for the new! Through Teresa’s intuitive abilities she is able to develop individual meditations that will help you to become a clear Energy Channel easy and effortlessly!

Currently- sessions are only available in person and tend to fill weeks in advance!

Business Healings
Allow Teresa to remove non-beneficial Energy and replace with Energy that will further your business, motivate your employees and bring in new customers. Make your business stand out on the block and maximize your profits! Teresa combines her intuitive knowledge with her experience in Feng Shui to provide you with useful and simple suggestions to maximize your intentions.

House Healings
Buildings hold energy. During a House Clearing and Healing, Teresa grounds out the energy of past tenants, sets the optimal vibration for each room and works with the overall Energy of the neighborhood to make your home more comfortable. Great for those who work out the house and those trying to sell their homes!

Are YOU in touch with your Spiritual Gifts?
During Readings, Teresa has a natural tendency to focus on a client’s own unique Spiritual Gift. We are all innately Spiritual Beings having physical experiences- by learning exactly what your gifts are can open a whole world of possibilities for you. You’ll not only learn what gifts you possess, Teresa will give you concrete information on how to enhance them and benefit from them in your daily life.
Everyone begins life as a Psychic Being or with ESP (Energy Sensory Perception), if these talents are not fostered, they tend to fall away. Learn how to access and manage your special abilities for a more peaceful and harmonious life. Sign up for Kwan Yin’s Energy Awareness Program and learn how to see, read and feel Energy in yourself and others.



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